Until We Meet Again

We had a celebration of life this week for my sweet Mother in law.  We actually ran out of seats in our church. And aisle space. And floor space. And filled the foyer. And the balcony where the offices are. It says a lot about a person I think when that many people come to say their final goodbyes.
Although, they really aren’t our final goodbyes. Not if you are a Christian. This is simply a short farewell until we meet again. And in the grand scheme of things, the time we have on this earth is so very fleeting. We have eternity to reunite with those who have gone before us. 
I love that Facebook meme I’ve been seeing lately. It says that if you greeted this morning with a heartbeat, then God still has a purpose for you.  I wonder what my purpose is today?  Do you know what yours is?

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