Like a Brick

You know, some days are just nice, quiet, normal days.  Those days that nothing really stands out. Then all of a sudden it hits you. Like a brick. An entire month has just disappeared. I survived it. But did I cherish it?  Was I intentional with my minutes?  Because while every once in a while, you remember days, when you look back in time, it comes down to minutes that you treasure. Minutes that you spent with the special people God has gifted you with.

I am part of the launch team for “Hoodwinked” by Karen Ehman and Ruth Schwenk. In it, Ruth points out that while it may seem like you have all the time in the world, you really don’t. And she does the math!  Suppose my children stay home until the summer they turn 18. That means that I have just under 13 years of my oldest being at home with me.  So 13 years x 365 days/year = 4,745 days. I am already sentimental at the graduation pics I see each year, thinking that before I know it, that will be here.  She will be an incredible woman, ready to conquer the world, and my chance to breathe that love into her each day will already be over.  Almost the entire month of October has flown by, with very few “moments” that seem like they will become those special moments.  Do I really want to squander those I have left?  I have less than 4,700 days left to build up, lead and encourage my daughter.  I need to be intentional with that time!

So ladies, while it is important to lead our children, to teach them, to make sure their homework is done, it is even more important to impress on them the unshakable love they have in us.  The unflappable love of the Lord, who even goes so far as to say that NOTHING we do can ever lessen the love he has for us.  We are loved more than we can ever fathom, and more than anything, I think our children need to know that. They don’t need to know they are the best at sports, or music.  Or that they are a genius. They need to know they are loved. That they are always going to be loved.   That they will never have to earn love.  They simply are loved.

You may have 4,745 days left. You may have more. You may have less.  Let’s use whatever days we have been gifted to the absolute best of our abilities.

You are loved!#nomorehoodwinkedmoms, #hoodwinkedbook, love, unconditional, count your days

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