Invest in Yourself by Investing in Others

I have been reading Karen Ehman’s new book “Listen, Love, Repeat” these last few weeks, and it has inspired me to try and return to investing in others again.
Life can become so consuming with daily tasks, the mundane things that we have to do: school, laundry, house cleaning, cooking.  Those things that you kind of do on auto-pilot, not always with a lot of joy.  I forgot how much fun it was to really plan to think about others.
I know that some days it can be stressful to fit one more thing into your day.  And I’m not trying to encourage you to add more stress in to your day.  No one needs more stress!
I’m talking about stopping to pray for a friend whose at a really tough juncture in her marriage.  Or who has suffered a loss recently.  Or is up for a new job or a promotion.
I’m asking you to consider stretching your dinner a little farther and inviting someone else to join you.  Your house doesn’t have to be perfect.  Your food doesn’t need to be gourmet.  You’d be surprised how mac and cheese can brighten someone’s day.
I’m suggesting “love bombing” someone’s door.  You don’t even have to stop and talk.  I’ve had other people drop off gift packages if I know they are going to that end of town.  I always have a few (too many) gift items in my closet that can be used to cheer someone up.  I have books, candles, cozy socks and other items that can be given whenever I feel God asking me to say yes.  Because you never know.  That “yes” could be the answer to someone else’s prayer.
If you have some time, you could always make up a meal to deliver to someone struggling with life right now.  Or taking them a cup of coffee.  Or folding their laundry.  Or just being there.  If you’re like me and you feel awkward, know that often just being there is all that you need to do.  Or, if you’re like, me, you can nicky nicky nine door them with a package and run.  😉 
Life doesn’t need us to be perfect.  It needs us to be willing to put aside what we’re doing to concentrate on someone else for a while.  To let someone know that they are thought of and loved.
And who doesn’t need a little of that in their day?
It may seem like a lot to add one more thing to your day.  But I promise you, it can become addicting.  And no matter what kind of day you are experiencing, it can always be made better by focussing on the need around you.
If you have a prayer request, I would be honored if you would leave it in the comments.  I would love to lift you up in prayer.
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