Prayer Prompts

I have been reading Karen Ehman’s blog and following her on Facebook for a while now.  And she does something that is just so simple, but so powerful. 

She talks about it in her newest book “Listen, Love, Repeat.”  I love how she does it!  She has this daily routine of praying for those around her.  While she is wiping down her kitchen counters, she prays for her family to be able to wipe their slate clean.  She prays for certain people while she brushes her teeth.  These are all times when our minds could be busy with other details.  We as Mom’s always have something on our minds.  And you certainly wouldn’t have to do the same things, or pray the same prayers.  But wouldn’t it be wonderful to have those prayers for those special people in your life become daily?
She still stresses the importance of regular prayer time each day, but reminds us how important it is to be speaking to Him throughout our day.  To come to Him first.  After all, if we made Him the most important, He will make the rest fall into place.  His faithfulness never changes, no matter whether our actions are constant or wavering.
I have struggled with regular prayer time in my life.  I have three small children, a husband who works wonky hours, and I regularly suffer from health problems that can make it difficult for me to get a good night sleep, much less wake up at the crack of dawn.  At this particular point in my life, committing to prayer every day at 5 is just setting myself up for failure.  But you know what I can do?  I can pray while I wash the dishes that God would help me to discover the sins of myself and my family, and for him to help us, and wash ourselves of that sin.  I can pray when I fold laundry that we would be strong.  That we would cling to him rather than the trappings of this world, trying to fold ourselves into the conventional.  I can thank Him each night for all the blessings in my life before I go to sleep, choosing each night to focus on all He has done instead of all that I have not. 
None of these steps are going to be huge leaps.  But they will impact my family.  And every journey starts with a single step, right?  So today, let’s do what we can to take a step.  Just one.  And God will surely help us to walk this journey. 
Heavenly Father, I am so blessed in this life.  You have surrounded me with people that draw me closer to you.  Thank you for all of them, even the ones that have “sharpened” me.  Thank you for the process of refinement, and that you do not give up on me.  Lord, I ask that you would work within my heart to make my life in your a priority.  And that you would open my eyes to the opportunities around me to see you.  Those little prompts that are you whispering to our hearts.  Help me to hear those whispers and lift others to you.  In your name.  Amen.
If you are struggling with something, please leave a comment.  I would be honored to lift you up tonight.  I don’t need the details if you don’t want to share.  He knows them already.  I just need a name as I have faith He will do the rest. 

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