Listen Love Repeat

Today is LAUNCH DAY!!! I’m so excited for others to get to read this book now!!!  It is such a beautifully written book, filled with such simple ideas that you can’t help but do them.  Everything from giving a bottle of water to your mail delivery person, to loving the prickly people in your life. 
I have gotten so many beautiful quotes to remind myself to “scatter kindness” that I can’t help but become more others focused. 

Use your ordinary life for God's extra-ordinary purpose. Karen Ehman in her newest book Listen, Love, Repeat: Other-Centered Living in a Self-Centered World
I don’t know if you noticed all the fabulous videos on Facebook under the tag #5dollardash, but you should totally check them out.  Karen’s fabulous assistant came up with the idea of the ladies from the launch team pulling together to surprise Karen with a $5 dash where the ladies would find someone in their life that needed a little pick-me-up, and they would drop off $5 and an encouraging note for them, and then challenge 3 people in their life to do the same.  And OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!  It was so fun.  You should totally search them on Facebook and have a good laugh.  And then go out and scatter that kindness.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been formally challenged or not.  What matters is that in this world filled with heartache and hurt we go out and be a light to others. 
And if you’re looking for a good book to inspire you to love on others, I can’t recommend Listen Love Repeat enough. 
Here’s a sneak peak at one of the wonderful ladies who did the #5dollardash!

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