Nothing Stands Between Us

I was at a worship night, and the man leading worship pointed something out to us.

We have this choice.

We can either choose to believe in our unwavering power to be a hot mess. And believe me, if there is something that I excel at…

Or we can choose to believe in His power to make all things new. We can choose to believe the words He left for us, assuring us that we can choose a relationship with him, and become a new creation.

Now, “new” doesn’t mean better. It doesn’t mean without flaws. It means that you can be given this chance. This clean slate.

You can start anew.

You don’t have to carry forward what is in your past.

There is nothing that anyone on earth has ever done to lessen God’s steadfast love. Ever. No matter how bad you think it is.

There is nothing that can come between you and God the Father unless you let it.

He will push aside everything that has ever caused you shame. Or pain. Or grief. And he will replace it with love.

His love.

And His love is so big, it can cover all our sins.

Friend, if you have this still, small voice calling you near with love, that is His voice. He isn’t calling forward the “perfect.” He isn’t waiting for the flawless. He is wanting you. Your heart. All He has ever wanted is your heart.

I pray today, you would listen to that voice. You would feel His presence. You would accept His everlasting grace and forgiveness. That you would allow him to work in your heart and find forgiveness for yourself. In faith I pray. Amen.

If you would like prayer, please leave me a comment. I would be honoured to lift you up in prayer.

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