Made For This

I keep hearing this phrase lately. Almost daily.

Partly because I listen to Jenny Allen’s Made for This podcast every week. 😊

But I also keep hearing other people use this phrase. And describe how God has put us in this time as who we are for a reason.

And He has. He doesn’t make mistakes. He isn’t surprised by our current circumstances.
He knew this was coming before we were knit together in our mother’s womb. So we were designed for a time such as this.

What does this mean to me?

It means that my unique giftings are meant to be used right now.

It means that the grace, peace and love that He has so freely given us is meant to be shared right now.

It means that the light that lives within us is to help chase away the darkness.

To me, it means that now more than ever, we need to listen to those telling us to physically distance ourselves from other.
We don’t have to stop talking to them or reaching out to them, we just can’t do it face to face.

Please keep reaching out to those around you. Check in with them. Share funny memes with them.

See if you can pick up something for them if you’re already headed to the store.

Take care of your mind and body right now.
And pray. Pray as much as you can for this world. For families. For marriages. For our leaders to turn to God.

We were made for this. Literally designed to be here at this exact time.

Friends, I know that the world seems so much less safe right now than it did last year. And that the uncertainty can be so hard on us mentally and emotionally. I pray that we would lean in to the one God that can give us peace. The only one who can save us in this.

If I can lift you up in prayer, please leave me a comment. I would love to walk along with you.

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