Appreciate the Pause

I don’t know how you’re feeling in all of this.

I know that one minute I’m so glad to be safe at home, with a long established homeschooling schedule, and a healthy (so far) family.

And a few minutes later, I’m shaken. The world as I knew it has changed. Everything feels so uncertain. And I’m sad for those who are suffering. I’m worried for those on the front lines, making decisions no one should have to.

I don’t know how to explain this to my kids in a way that won’t scare them. Because, honestly, unknowns scare me too.

Today, as I wonder how we got here, and where we go from here, I have the chance to sit outside.

I’m reading my book while my son bounces in the trampoline, perfecting his tricks. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. I have music playing on the outside speakers.

And I have a choice.

I can give fear power over me. Or I can hand my fears over to the one who isn’t uncertain about how this ends.

I can lean in to the pause. I have time to say “yes”, because now the most important thing is the physical, mental and spiritual health of those in my life.

I can play the game. I can read one more story. I can watch my kids bounce on the trampoline.

I can hear His voice if I just stop and listen.
He has given me verses to ponder. Song lyrics to quiet my heart. And love. So much love.

Friends, this is hard. All of it. And we are all grieving the life we had just a short while ago. But if I can encourage you to pause. Listen. Feel all of the feelings. And then talk to the Father who loves and knows you the best.

If you would like prayer, please leave me a comment. I don’t need the details, just a name.

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