I Laughed Today

These days just seem so surreal.

I feel like I’m living in a bit of a fog. Kind of like Christmas vacation.

You know how you kind of forget what day of the week it is. You sleep in. You eat too much and move too little.

Amidst all of this, you make memories. You do simple things that seem special just because of the time of year.

I know it isn’t Christmas. And what we’re getting certainly doesn’t feel like a fun filled stocking.

But I think it’s a gift anyways.

Do you know why? Because I laughed today. Belly laughed. Like a toddler.

It was just a simple moment. We’d just finished dinner and my Munchkin, who hates outside, was suddenly grumpy that I told her she had to stay inside.

She made a face and harrumphed at me.

And I laughed.

Such a small moment that I would have missed a month ago. I would have been in too big of a rush to get to the next thing.

I know the waiting is hard. The changes are hard to adapt to. But these moments, small as they are, need to be remembered.

We’re being given a chance right now. A chance to stop. To pay attention to those around us. To laugh. To make memories out of the small moments.

I say, let’s make the best of this.

Let’s laugh today.

Friends, this is all hard. I truly understand that. We are all having to face some pretty difficult unknowns about almost everything. And I believe that every single one of us is going to come out of this changed. So today, I invite you to choose how you frame it. Take note of all the smiles. Or the sounds. Or the great smells. Write them down. Then on the bad days, you’ll be able to look back and see the good. Like my little girl, harrumphing.

If you would like me to stand with you in prayer, leave me something in the comments.

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