Soul Nudges

I’m not sure if anyone else has been struggling with the state of our world. Maybe I’m alone in feeling that the world we are living in today has gone dark, and we need a miracle for things to get better.

Or maybe not. Maybe you are feeling just a little bit down on life right now. Perhaps you are feeling like there is no way that your small contribution is going to make any difference at all.

I’ve been there. For almost 4 months, I was stuck in that awful place. And I’m finally starting to crawl out of it.

I feel like every small, simple act of kindness is going to have a ripple effect.

I see kids each and every day that are struggling to be seen and accepted.

I see people working at stores just wanting someone to read their nametag and have a little friendly conversation.

I see people walking by on the street, heads down, just hustling to get to the next place.

I see people scared to make eye contact with others because of all the anger in the air. And many of us, with masks on, lose the ability to read those facial expressions, so we just assume no one wants to talk.

And I’ve noticed that each time I say hi to that child, or teenager, they cant help but smile back.

I notice that 9 times out of 10, if you call your cashier by name and ask them how they are, they smile back too.

And I’ve noticed that a simple comment on the weather while you’re stuck in a line, wearing your mask, can open up a conversation for someone else who has been avoiding the stores too.

We were never built for times such as these. Where communication is done mostly by a keyboard or a phone line. We are wired for community. Actual community.

And yes, I always wonder how the person I am attempting to acknowledge is going to respond in anger. And I’ve learned to recognize that most of the time, that anger is actually fear. And that I cannot control their emotions or responses.

I can, however, reach out anyways. I can plant the seeds of kindness and compassion. That’s all I’ve really been asked. I plant, He grows.

It’s never been an expectation from our Heavenly Father that we be perfect, and through that perfection, we bring out the perfect in everyone else. Never, not once have I managed to come across that verse or parable.

Today, I wonder if we can answer that subtle soul nudge. Can you feel Him prompting you to speak, or smile, even though you don’t want to, or don’t have the time? And can you take the time anyways?

That little nudge is a chance. It’s a gift that He’s giving you to reach out to someone else. To feel connected. And maybe even to plant a seed that He will grow into beautiful, bountiful fruit. And to be brave enough to know that even if they react in a way that’s not happy, you are still planting that seed. And there is nothing on this Earth that He can’t use to bring about beauty.

Heavenly Father, I thank you for today. I thank you for the sun shining, and the rain falling. I thank you that I have another day to see what gifts you have waiting for me. I pray that I would listen for you, so that I do not miss out on all that you have in store for me. I ask that you would steady my heart when I go out today, so that your voice is louder and stronger than the doubt planted by the enemy. Guard my heart and mind so that only you get through. And let me shine your light today, whenever I can. In faith I pray. Amen.

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