Blessings in the Ordinary

You have a choice every single day to wake up and look for the good.  And the more you look, the easier it becomes to find. 

Just What I Needed

If you’ve been reading my posts over the last few years, you know that life has felt kind of overwhelming at times.   It has even felt at times like there was no way to get out from under this huge cloud over me. Here’s a quick recap for those who dont know:  I had…

Trust Like A Toddler

I wasn’t enough.  But I was never supposed to be.  I was supposed to reach my arms up to my heavenly Father, and trust that He had me.  Because He does have me.  All day, every day, even when I feel like an abysmal failure.

My Cup Runneth Over

I have decided today to actively look for my blessings. I have heard over and over the belief of many that what you look for is the only thing you will see. For example, if you are certain the world is out to get you, you can easily fill your days seeing nothing but that. So, it follows that if you spend your day looking for the good things, you will see nothing but that. It’s certainly worth a try. What’s the worst that can happen? You have too many blessings to count so the floors won’t be swept. I’m up for that!

The Invisible Fight

Before I even fully accepted the love of Jesus in to my heart, He was there. He was right beside me. And He redeemed my mistakes.

Time Out

In my last post, I wrote about what it was like to lose my first husband to depression. And I really wanted to touch on it again, especially considering the world we live in today. The village is so often missing from our lives. Our support systems are most often found online. And while these…


Whether you are new here or have been reading for awhile, I think you’ll be able to relate to this. We all have baggage we carry. Movies and TV shows make jokes about the large suitcases we take with us wherever we go with things from our childhood, teen years and early adulthood. What they…

I’m So Tired

I have been noticing something lately.  I have control issues. Okay, this may not be such an awe inspiring revelation.  I think most of us have control issues in one way or another. If you’re a Mom, you have to be in control of so many decisions.  So.  Many.   And it feels like there…

Squish the Mom Guilt

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately in self reflection, trying to figure out how to do it all.  Most of these inspired thoughts come between 1 and 4 AM, as I try to get my non-sleeping 3 year old back to bed.  You know, when you’re completely rational and not at all stressed….