Times Such As These

I had some pretty high hopes for this year. I envisioned that it would finally go the way I’d planned. My goodness, I can still be so naive.

Blessings in the Ordinary

You have a choice every single day to wake up and look for the good.  And the more you look, the easier it becomes to find. 

Just a Smile

I believe it’s because, in a way,  he gave us everything he had.  He gave his time to those who wanted a friendly ear.  He had a smile for everyone who passed by.  He gave it all.

When the Bad Things Happen

Our little town is hockey filled.  The season here just ended actually.   We have everything from the Timbit Teams, which are as young as 4 years old, to the senior hockey teams and puddle hockey teams.  We too have a team in our provincial hockey league, filled with young people so eager to begin…