Washing Feet

Let Him remind you that you are forgiven and loved. And let go of all of those things you were never meant to carry anyways.

The Power of Your Testimony

A God that gave us a spirit of power, love and self control. And what is more powerful than love? God given love.

The Gift of Time

This phrase brings two images into my mind every time I hear it.  One of them is that each day is a gift.  It may not always feel like the best gift, you may even wonder where the receipt is so you could exchange it.  Maybe you could get a day at the beach instead?!?…


Perspective.  Getting to choose how you look at your current situation. It’s been one of those days. Weeks.  Months.  Where very time I turn around it feels as though something else in my life is falling apart.  Or do I just need to change my perspective? There are always going to be those days. Or…

Just What I Needed

If you’ve been reading my posts over the last few years, you know that life has felt kind of overwhelming at times.   It has even felt at times like there was no way to get out from under this huge cloud over me. Here’s a quick recap for those who dont know:  I had…

A Call NOT to Judge

So maybe, rather than worrying about Sally, maybe we should help her.  Or Joe.  Or Jane.  Or someone whose name you don’t even know yet.  Maybe you’ll be the one to change their entire world.  And maybe you won’t even know it.

Trust Like A Toddler

I wasn’t enough.  But I was never supposed to be.  I was supposed to reach my arms up to my heavenly Father, and trust that He had me.  Because He does have me.  All day, every day, even when I feel like an abysmal failure.


I don’t think that you can ever fully choose your own family. I believe that we are given certain people as family. For better or for worse.

One of the Lucky Ones

Those people that pass through your life and go on their merry way?  They are a part of your journey.  But those ones that impact your heart for the rest of your life?  What a glorious gift. 

Shout It Out

There is no embarrassment in showing love or respect to those around you.  And you may not even know the most important memory they have of you.  They may remember something else.  It may be a huge turning point in your life that they didn’t even know they played a role in.  And it may just need to be what they need to hear right now.