The Least of These

I pray that we would let go of the images we have built up of ourselves. Whether they are good or bad, I can promise they are not how God sees us. I pray that we would set that down and follow where He leads us. And that we would know that wherever He leads us will be so much better than we could ever imagine for ourselves.

I Am So Old

Okay, maybe I’m not that old. Some days, I just feel like I am. We were invited out to celebrate New Years Eve at a local kids bible camp. We have become quite involved there the last few years and they were having a staff celebration. We had taken our kids out, and as the…

Nothing Stands Between Us

There is nothing that anyone on earth has ever done to lessen God’s steadfast love. Ever. No matter how bad you think it is.

The Invisible Fight

Before I even fully accepted the love of Jesus in to my heart, He was there. He was right beside me. And He redeemed my mistakes.

Moving Passed the Past

Friends, I don’t know if you have a particularly heavy bag you want to put down. If you do, I would encourage you, even if you can’t unpack the whole thing, maybe just peel back the first layer. Write it down. And then forgive yourself. Burn it if you must. Move on.

I Know How It Ends

My husband always laughs at me.  Whenever I get a new book, I read the end of it so that I know how it ends. He can’t believe that I would want to wreck a new story by finding out how it all turns out.  It would drive him nutty to know how it ends…

Gather Together

We have been blessed to have some friends of ours move back to town after almost a decade away.  Real friends.  It is such a huge gift in life to have real friends, isn’t it?  The kind of friends who offer help and actually mean it.  Who truly care about you as a whole person….