Our Gathering Place

I am smack in the middle of week 1 of the Listen, Love, Repeat launch party.  This week we have been challenged to post a photo of somewhere in our house that people gather.

Sadly, this house does not have a kitchen island.  But I have smooshed a really large table into our kitchen!  It’s always covered with shrapnel from the day.  I am just a person who loves to put things down to deal with later.

This table has fed countless people over the last 7 years.  I had found this table when we had gone out of town to provide moral support for a friend whose Mom was in the ICU.  We had gone to Jysk to look around and waste some time.  I found this table with a clearance label on it and just had to have it.  I had always envisioned having lots of people at our house, and having it being a beacon to those we know in their time of need.  I went to Ikea and found some $20 chairs that I could stain to match.  Ta-da!  I have made the wall into a photo wall.  On it are pictures of various family members, some of whom are already in Heaven.  We use this wall to remember those God placed into our lives, no matter where they are now.  I am very blessed to have that many wonderful people in my life!

We have invited over those new to town, those newly single, almost divorced, or just needing somewhere that’s a distraction from whatever is going on at home.  My kids all love having people over for dinner (it gives them new ears to talk off), and are always ready to provide extra hugs.  Kids just have a way of knowing, without words, if someone just needs that little extra.  And the people that have come over love our kids.   A good friend of ours spent about 2 years eating meals at our house before he met his wife.  Now I get him back every time she has to go out of town and he’s home along.

 The kitchen is just the place with the food.  The people inside the house are what draw them in and keep them coming back.  I assure you, I have no delusions about my cooking abilities!  

Maybe this week, even if you just have cereal for dinner, you could include someone that needs that little extra time spent to remind them they are loved.  

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